How to Make Whatsapp Status from the Latest Youtube Video 2019

Creating and sending whatsapp status is the best way to provide information related to something that can be seen by everyone in our contacts. Make this youtube video into whatsapp status easily with this one method.

You can use YouTube videos so that they can be sent and used as a status on your Whatsapp, so you can follow the admin's guide on how to make YouTube videos whatsapp status. Also Read: How to Download YouTube Videos without the Latest IDM

This method can be used directly on your Android phone without the need to use any application so you can immediately try it right now. If there are difficulties and questions please send comments at the bottom of this article.

This article will discuss about:

How to Make Youtube Videos as Whatsapp Status.

1. Open your YouTube application on Android or open the Youtube site in your Android browser, then find the video that you want to use as a WhatsApp status later.

2. After that click the share button then select Copy link to copy the video link address.

3. Open your browser and then paste the youtube video link before then enter to open it.

4. Edit the link add ss to the word before youtube like this for example

5. Open the link and you will be directed to the youtube video download site. Download the video first for you to save on your Android phone. Wait for the download process to complete.

6. After that open the application whatsapp you slide into the status menu then click add status. The video will be at the very beginning you just choose which scene you want to make a status. The maximum duration is 30 seconds.

7. If you want to extend the duration of the WhatsApp status you can use this method. Also read: How to extend the duration of Status on Whatsapp by more than 30 seconds.

8. Done now whatsapp status you now appear using YouTube videos how easy is not it? Try the direct method.

With the above method you can create a WhatsApp status from YouTube videos, you can use cool or useful footage to be shared and to be seen by your contact friends.

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