How to check other people's most popular web / blog articles

How to check popular articles on other people's web or blogs easily and quickly with the help of online tools.

Looking for articles that have the most views on a website or blog that belongs to someone else is one way to find out articles about what is most in demand on that blog.

That way we can create similar content to be able to dramatically increase the number of visitors to our blog. This technique is the easiest way to get a lot of blog viewers in a fast time.

But there is a drawback of this method, which is that we need to know and understand very well about SEO so that the articles we make can compete and even beat our competitors so that our articles can rank first on Google.

Because if not your blog article will never form a page one and your article will automatically not be read as much as your competitors' articles.

Therefore you need to learn SEO for beginners so they can create content well in order to be SEO friendly and can be in the first position in Google search.

So how do you easily check popular articles on a website? Here is how.

How to Check popular articles on the web / other people's blogs.
In this tutorial we will use one of the online tools to check popular articles on a website by using the Top Pages Ubersuggest site.

In this site you can find out which articles are the top articles on the blogs of people who have the most number of searches on Google.

The way to find it is quite easy to note the following steps:

First visit the site at this Click Top Pages Ubersuggest.
After that enter the domain name that you want to find popular articles for example and then select the region or country here I use Indonesia.
Click "Search" to start searching.
Wait and a series of articles will appear most sought after. The earliest articles are the most searched for articles on search engines.
You can see it from EST. VISIT comes from the google search engine.
There are also listed the number of article shares on Facebook and Pinterest.

This ubersuggest top page tool is free and can be used by anyone including you. No need to login or create an account to use this tool.

Besides this online tool can be used many times to check many domains, not only that Ubersuggest can be used to search for popular keywords from a website, about the site, look for keyword ideas and others.

This online tool can be used separately to help you create articles with a large number of visitors and is easy to use.

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