what causes late menstruation

Actually, what causes late menstruation?
Do not rush to panic when menstruation does not come. Because, late menstruation can occur due to a number of the following conditions.

Underweight or excessive weight
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Hormonal contraception
Chronic or prolonged illness, such as diabetes or celiac disease
Thyroid problems
How to recognize the menstrual cycle
Recording menstrual cycles on the calendar is important to know whether the cycle is normal or not. Start by tracking the start date every month for several months in a row to identify the regularity of your period in the following ways:

Date of end of menstruation. How long does your period usually last? Is it longer or shorter than usual?
Pay attention to the blood flow that appears. Pay attention to the burden of your blood flow during menstruation. Does it look lighter or heavier than usual? How often do you need to replace pads? Do you have blood clots?
Bleeding is not normal. Do you experience bleeding between periods?
Pain. Watch for pain that arises. Does the pain feel worse than usual?
Other changes. Have you ever experienced a change of mood or behavior? Did something new happen around the time of change in your period?
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