One Month Experience Using Provider By.U

It seems, now many netizens are talking about Telkomsel's new provider, namely by.U (Formerly called Hup beta). Well, this time I will share a month of experience using this provider made by Telkomsell.

In the beginning, by.U had the name Hup beta at the beginning of its release, the name Hup then started to rise after they gave the lure of a 25 GB quota promo at a price of only 50 thousand, and was active for 30 days. At that time, they only limited to 3000 beta testers chosen by random means, to register at that time we only need to enter email on the website by.U (formerly Hup). If we are selected, they will send an email containing an invitation link to download the application.

Well, thankfully I got the chance, so then I carried out the processes needed to complete the registration up to the pre-order of the starter card that will be sent by Hup via JNE.

How come through JNE?

Maybe there will be some of you who are confused, why through JNE, because usually to buy a starter card only need to buy it at the counter or Graphari. This is what distinguishes by.U from other providers, since the release of this starter card, they carry the theme of digital prepaid cellular services that provide an end-to-end digital experience for all telecommunications needs.

They were also developed to hook the Gen Zs in Indonesia, you know yourself, if currently the Z genes are projected to be around 44 million people. Well, this generation always does all activities online. That way, all activities of this provider will run digitally.

Oh yeah, by this time you pre-order, you can choose your mobile number as you like, which you can choose on several options. So that later you will get the cellphone number you want, after that you can choose the package you want, because it was still in the beta tester stage, I got a price scheme of 25 GB 50 thousand, then the 2GB Instagram topping quota for 5 thousand and the last telephone credit and SMS 5 thousand. Then you just make payment according to order through several options, such as through Gopay, Link Aja or bank transfer via virtual account. After finishing, all you have to do is sit down later and the courier from JNE comes to the house to deliver the order and the provider.

Actually, there are two ways to get this by.U starter card, first by JNE courier or by visiting by.U's booth. However, because of my busy life that could not be left behind (actually mager) finally chose the first way hahaha ...

Why is it complicated?

I admit, in my opinion this by.U is indeed rather complicated when compared to other providers. Instead of carrying the theme of all-digital services, even blunders because it takes longer time, if counted, takes days (from the registration process to get a starter card) than other conventional providers, who only just come to the counter then buy the initial activation and the time only takes a maximum of half an hour. Well .. maybe this is what can be a differentiator because if it is the same as other providers, what's the difference?

At the time of registration, this in my opinion was also quite complicated, and inefficient, because I had to scan identity cards like ID cards, besides that the response from the customer service was also quite slow, which in the end I was served by nindy namely automatic chat bot owned by by.U.

How does it feel to use it for a month?

Surely many of you are asking this, because maybe many of you are doubtful because this provider is still new and quite foreign to your ears. Well here it is the opinion of the author after using this provider for a month.

FYI, this provider is a provider of Telkomsel output that you know for yourself if the signal and speed can be trusted, well by.U is a provider whose network hitches a ride on Telkomsel's tower, so there is no doubt about its speed, both when downloading or streaming Youtube etc., playing online games is also quite stable if the place is strong signal coverage. However, because at home my personal signal from Telkomsel is not good, well the same is no different from Telkomsell ... oh why !!!

At present by.U still only reaches several cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang and Surabaya.

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