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How to Save Traveling | Easy Cheap Traveling - Who doesn't like traveling here, traveling is one of the best entertainment in my opinion. How not, we can go out of town by staying at a hotel then exploring new places. Explore culinary food and much more.

So difficult is the time we have to look for as employees and finance that is the reason we cannot carry out traveling. Now I try to provide information related to traveling, related to saving ways so I can travel.

Traveling is just entertainment so don't let it go while traveling, my mind runs out of money, not enough monthly money later and so on. Especially until the debt to online loans, you better not.

So follow my traveling tips,

1. Transport
Try it if you are too busy and want to travel, find a city that is easily accessible by motorcycle. This way you will be easy to save on motorbike rentals, from Pulan trips away. The tiredness isn't too far either, taking a public transportation and taking a private vehicle as long as the distance is only 2-3 hours.

2. Book Hotels With Applications
Well, why is this important, book hotels with the application that can save lodging bills, without the application we will tend to have difficulty finding cheap lodging. There's no way we can ask for each lodging overnight? So with the application will help us choose a cheap lodging in accordance with the budget, and even better if you can get a promo.

3. Tourist Attractions
Long before traveling it would be nice if you already have a tour plan which you want to visit. Choose a tour that you think is in accordance with the budget in accordance with your financial condition, Find a tour that is in accordance with the wishes, Find a tour that is also easily accessible by vehicle, the road is also good. The list of tourist attractions then sort or sort according to your wishes. This is so you know about how much travel you can spend.

4. Don't Be Alone
Now traveling alone makes us bored, because no one can enjoy the beauty and adventure together. I think adventure, traveling with many people will be more exciting. Now from here we can save too, alone that costs will be more expensive than together. When together together a joint venture will be created in traveling,

5. Don't Update Status First
Now this, Doing traveling do not immediately upload the status of being in town A, City B, again on tour A or B. It also encourages someone not to be left by you. hehe ... If by paying later it's okay, if by just to give it, this will make it come up short. Indeed ... it depends on the person too. If parents or boyfriends get by just ok ok.

6. Day Traveling
If you want to save even more, please choose the weekday when you want to travel, traveling is done on weekday, usually tourist attractions tend to be cheaper, the streets are not disabled, hotels are cheaper and many more privileges of traveling on weekday.

Maybe that's all I can say, according to my experience. Usually the budget for lodging tends to be greater than eating and going to a tourist place. Make it a habit to search for promos every week by a third party, for example, Pegi Pegi, OYO, and many more. Search for Oyo Dishope vouchers are usually sold cheap.

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