How to get Money from Google Adsense

For those of you who are still curious about how to get money from Google Adsense, we will provide the following explanation and complete guidance for you to try and do it yourself.

In the digital era and the all-round internet like now, earning money online is not a rare thing anymore, and there are many alternative ways you can try to do as long as you want to learn and want to spend time to explore it.

Some methods such as becoming a celebrity, getting money from part-time work on the internet, opening an online shop using your own website or in a well-known marketplace such as Tokopedia, Lazada, Bukalapak, etc., or through what will be our subject this time, namely Google Adsense.

We will explain everything related to Google Adsense, starting from the definition, a little background behind Adsense, to what you can do as a way to get money from Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a collaboration program that was opened by Google, which was originally intended for blog owners on the Blogspot / Blogger platform, in the form of collaborative advertising with a return of some money.

So in the future Google will install ad banners that they get from advertisers who use their services, which can later be placed by blog authors in any part of the blog by using lines of code provided by Google.

Those who work with Google through the Adsense program are called Publishers, who already have a large number of visitors on their blogs, so that later banner ads that are clicked on by blog visitors will automatically be recorded as income from the blog owner.

Development of Google Adsense

Due to the growing development of the Google company itself, and more and more blog owners and website owners who present new article content every day, the Google Adsense program is even wider.

Google Adsense also finally accepts placements on personal websites that are not on the Blogger / Blogspot platform, as long as the website complies with and does not violate the terms and conditions provided by Google.

And then after Youtube was officially acquired by Google, they also integrated their Adsense platform into videos that aired on Youtube, which eventually led to many YouTubers who made a lot of money through Adsense.

How to Become a Google Adsense Publisher

In the past, to become a Google Adsense publisher, the conditions were not too complicated, especially if you used Google's platforms like Blogspot or Youtube, and even if you didn't, it would be relatively easy to submit them.

But now, as more and more people are interested in becoming a Publisher, but sometimes the quality of the content of both articles and videos is very below Google's standard, so they tighten the selection for those who want to become their publishers.

For Youtube, for example, you must have a Youtube channel that already has a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 total broadcast hours, alias of the total broadcast hours of videos on your channel.

The showtimes referred to here means that the videos on your channel as a whole have to be watched as many as 4,000 hours by other Youtube platform users, or who watch without logging into Youtube.

While for websites and blogs other than blogspot, you must have a website that is at least 1 year old, and also the content of the articles contained therein must be quality, not copy and paste from other websites, the amount is large, regularly updated, and not only contains 1-2 articles only.

Or you can also provide a website in the form of an application such as an online dictionary website, or a website for editing photos online, or anything that provides benefits for those who visit it.

For the record, for websites or blogs outside the Blogspot platform, you cannot use blogs that you write on other platforms such as and the like, but you must use your own domain (for example

If you meet the above requirements, then you can create your Google Adsense account by visiting this Google Adsense registration link, then create an account using your Gmail account.

Next go to the "Ad Units" menu and create a new ad unit with the specifications you want, but generally what is recommended is Image ads with Responsive size.

Next you just need to integrate it the way it will be different for Blogspot users and website owners themselves, namely as follows:

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