Top 10 Tech Trends Shaping 2024: Unveiling the Future of Innovation

As the curtain falls on another year, the business landscape of 2024 is set to be transformed by a unique fusion of disruptive forces. Generative AI, with its creative prowess and problem-solving capabilities, is poised to unlock hidden efficiencies. Sustainability, no longer confined to buzzword status, is evolving into a strategic imperative, especially in the realm of building AI models. Quantum computing, once relegated to the realms of science fiction, is now poised to open doors to unimaginable possibilities.

1. AI Takes Center Stage: From Theoretical Musings to Practical Realities

John Roese, Global CTO of Dell Technologies, envisions the GenAI dialogue shifting from abstract theories to practical applications. He anticipates a transition from discussions about training infrastructure and costs to focusing on inference and operational expenses. The year 2024 is expected to witness the first wave of GenAI enterprise projects reaching maturity, unveiling previously undiscovered dimensions of GenAI.

2. Convergence of IT and Security Teams: Navigating New Threat Horizons

As emerging threats blur the lines between IT and security responsibilities in 2024, Zeki Turedi, CTO Europe at CrowdStrike, foresees an opportunity to enhance organizational resilience. Traditionally operating in silos, these teams are finding their objectives increasingly intertwined. This convergence is not only driven by rapid technological advancements but also by the evolving landscape of security risks that directly impact IT infrastructure.

3. Hyperscalers Driving a Real-Time Ecosystem: A Symbiosis of Data and AI Models

Rodrigo Liang, CEO of SambaNova Systems, predicts a revolution in the entire data analytics landscape through the collaboration between hyperscalers and AI models. The marriage of advanced chips and hyperscale data capabilities is expected to create a powerful ecosystem, enabling the development of large Composition of Experts models addressing complex use cases across various industries.

4. A Renewed Focus on Zero Trust Models: Navigating the Hybrid Work Environment

In the current hybrid work environment, Chris Peake, CISO and SVP of Security at Smartsheet, predicts a renewed focus on zero-trust models. Organizations are expected to add extra layers, such as role-based security and time-based access, to manage user access effectively. Additionally, Generative AI is expected to play a crucial role in strengthening data security by automating the monitoring of data flow and flagging abnormal activities.

5. IT Spend Aligned with Business Outcomes: A Shift in Economic Landscape

Faced with evolving macroeconomic and competitive landscapes, Linda Yao, COO and Head of Strategy at Lenovo Solutions & Services Group, predicts a shift in businesses focusing on deriving more value from their IT spending. Businesses will demand more flexibility in operations, predictability in cash flows, and a direct alignment of IT deployment with business outcomes.

6. Quantum Progress without Quantum Leaps: Securing the Future of Data

According to Liz Centoni, EVP Chief Strategy Officer & GM, Applications at Cisco, 2024 will witness the adoption of post-quantum cryptography (PQC) as a software-based approach to protect data from future quantum attacks. Quantum networking is expected to gain importance, enabling scalable quantum solutions through communication and collaboration among quantum computers.

7. Human Skills Essential for AI Uptake: Balancing Automation with Human Capabilities

Despite the increasing integration of AI in customer experiences, Sashen Naidu, VP of CX Services at NTT Ltd, emphasizes the continued need for human intervention. AI and big data analytics will become baseline skills, with reskilling and upskilling initiatives playing a pivotal role in closing skills gaps.

8. Social Engineering Attacks on the Rise: Safeguarding Against Identity-Based Threats

According to Zeki Turedi from CrowdStrike, identity-based attacks will continue to be the primary weapon for threat actors in 2024. Social engineering will be a highlight, with businesses focusing on educating employees to recognize common deception techniques. Identity protection is emphasized as the most critical aspect of cybersecurity.

9. AI Advancements Driving Increased Energy Usage: The Sustainability Dilemma

As Liz Centoni explains, sustainable energy plays a vital role in addressing climate change. Selecting smaller AI models specific to use cases is predicted to reduce energy consumption costs compared to general systems. Energy networking, combining software-defined networking and electric power systems, is expected to contribute to energy efficiency.

10. Businesses Creating Guardrails to Mitigate AI Risks: A Cognizant Approach to AI Governance

Art Hu, SVP & CIO at Lenovo, anticipates companies deploying AI to become more aware of the risks and nature of AI. Robust governance policies, processes, and tools, including testing and validation for AI-generated content, are expected to be implemented to mitigate AI risks effectively. A clear AI policy and education initiatives for teams working in this space will be the foundation for businesses executing tangible AI plans.

These trends offer a glimpse into how technology will continue to shape and influence the business world in 2024, promising a future defined by innovation and unprecedented possibilities.

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