How do I set up a blog for overseas visitors?


Bloggers frequently ask how to set up a blog for foreign visitors to their blog.This relates to the high number of visitors, which is an important factor in the success of a site or website. Of course, the blog's owners hope that visitors will come from all over the world, not just Indonesia.

That's why bloggers should pay attention to how to set up a blog for foreign visitors. The method that is usually used is to increase SEO and then share the blog on social media accounts. Of course, getting visitors from other countries will present its own set of challenges because the SEO used must be tailored to the target country. However, if Bizzie intends to do this, see the information below.

1. Using Hosting in Other Countries

For how to set up a blog for foreign visitors, Bizzie can use hosting in the destination or target country. If, logically, Bizzie uses hosting originating from foreign servers, of course the opportunity to get traffic from other countries will be wide open. If Bizzie targets visitors from America, then please look for a server in that country.

This is very important when optimizing or setting up foreign blogs. If not, then look for a server in a location closest to the target country. To use this method, myBlog must already be aware of the destination country.Thus, bloggers can focus more on that country. Look for countries that provide the most income from Adsense if Bizzie succeeds in attracting lots of visitors from that country.

2. Using a TLD, or top-level domain

Next, in how to set up a blog for overseas visitors, Bizzie can use a TLD, or top-level domain. For information, this is a very popular domain because it's easy to remember. It's a good idea for Bizzie to use an extension in the form Not without reason, as the domain will be more convincing to visitors than extension.

The choice of a very appropriate domain name followed by a TLD will make Bizzie's overseas blog more trustworthy and classy. Bloggers can also use a domain with a country code, such,.cn, or others.To implement this method, Bizzie must have deeper knowledge about TLDs and changing the extension of a blog's domain.

3. Create interesting content and use language according to the target country.

The way to set up a blog for the next foreign visitor is that Bizzie can fill in the site's content using the language used by the foreign country or the target. Generally, bloggers will use English, which is the international language, when creating their content. It's better if Bizzie uses more specific language and indicates that he's targeting a country.

Visitors from Japan, Korea, or China, for example, if myBlog targets visitors from these countries.Thus, visitors who are definitely from the target country of Bizzie will not think twice about clicking on the blog. However, if Bizzie is not able to speak a foreign language at this time, you don't need to worry or be afraid that you won't be able to make your blog attract the attention of foreign countries.

Because there are many bloggers who use other people's services so they can write the article. As for how to set up a blog for foreign visitors, the most important thing is to have content that captivates visitors or readers. The type of content must also create informative communication between Bizzie's blog and visitors. Thus, the blog that Bizzie is targeting for foreign visitors can be crowded.

4. Creating Pages Indicating Blogs Abroad

If Bizzie targets visitors from America or its surroundings, please explain something that could indicate that the website is there. For example, write a complete address in the United States right in the footer of the site. Then explain briefly about the web description on the page regarding something that contains an explanation based on the target content.

In setting up a blog for overseas visitors, Bizzie must create appropriate content based on the target country. The purpose of this is to convince visitors to come to the Bizzie blog and make it easier for Google to assign websites to those countries.

There are a number of ways to set up a blog for foreign visitors that Bizzie can apply to a website. By implementing the methods above, it is hoped that Bizzie's blog will have a lot of visitors, especially from other countries.

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