How To Use Google Trends For Content Marketing

How to Use Google Trends for Content Marketing 2 minutes Google Trends is a tool provided by Google to find topics that are hot talking about. For example topics about the world of politics, digital marketing, technology, or culinary. These tools are really needed when you do content marketing. Google trends can be used free of charge. This tool can also provide information about what people are looking for in the Google search engine. How to use Google Trends

1. Open Google Trend Tools To open Google trends, you must first have a Google account. Then you just open the Google Trends page. On the first page of Google Trends, you can see several topics that are trending in the world or topics that are trending in your country, for example Indonesia. The trick is to click the "Sidenav icon (⇶)", then select "Trending Searches". Here are examples of topics that are trending in the world:

2. Knowing Trends in a Topic With Google Trends, you can find out topics that are currently being talked about or are trending in an area. All you have to do is enter the topic that you will use in the "Enter a search term or a topic" column on the first page of Google Trends.

For example I use the topic "digital marketing". Then Google Trends will display quite complete information on trending digital marketing topics. You can also see results by country, time, category (finance, games, or food), and type of search (web search, news search, Google Shopping, Youtube Search). In the first part, there is a trend graph for the topic of "digital marketing" over the past year. Here is an example like the picture below:

The second part you can see trends in digital marketing topics in several regions in Indonesia. Look at the picture below:
In the third part you can see several topics related to digital marketing (Related Topic) topics and related keyword suggestions (Related Queries). Next in the picture below:

3. Using Youtube Search Options Through Google Trends, you can also find out what topics are trending and many people are looking for on Youtube. How to do a topic search based on the type of search "Youtube Search". For example I use the topic of "Digital Marketing". Here in the example image below:

When you have chosen the type of search "Youtube Search", Google Trends will display search data on Youtube. Google trends will also display graphs of search results trends, topic trends in several areas regarding "digital marketing", and several topics and keywords related to these keywords. See the results in the image below:

Those are 3 ways to use Google Trends, with the 3 ways above you can search for trending topics in both the web browser and youtube. If there is something that makes you confused or something that you want to ask, just comment in the comments column below.

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